Month: January 2017

Eating and losing weight while on your shift

I just had my wisdom teeth taken out and I have lost 4 pounds without exercise. Why ? Because I can’t eat any solid foods. If you want to lose weight and stay healthy while working at a restaurant you have to have a plan. Eat 1 hour before your shift. You will burn up […]

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2017 – Waitress Goals

What are your 2017 Waitress / Server goals ? Are you happy serving at your current restaurant ? The new year is a GREAT time to set goals like upgrading to a high end restaurant. Pick up a online college course. Make some extra cash by selling stuff. Networking with present and past co-workers. Touring other restaurants. […]

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How HIGH END serving will get you HIGH QUALITY dates

When you’re serving at a high end restaurant you will learn things you probably wouldn’t if you were working in a low end restaurant… One of the perks of serving a 4-5 star high end restaurant are that ridiculously good looking people that dine there… You will NOW BE FORCED to approach tables of beautiful […]

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