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Personal Development as a server

Eating and losing weight while on your shift

I just had my wisdom teeth taken out and I have lost 4 pounds without exercise. Why ? Because I can’t eat any solid foods. If you want to lose weight and stay healthy while working at a restaurant you have to have a plan. Eat 1 hour before your shift. You will burn up […]

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How I got fired from Olive Garden

Me getting fired from OG could of been COMPLETELY avoided… BUT I supposed it was meant to be because I got hired at an even BETTER restaurant… BUT be sure to learn from my lesson and get your contact info updates or make sure a few people at work have your phone number in case […]

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Waitress while going to college

Congratulations on your effort to waitress/serve and go to college at the same time. It takes a lot of effort, discipline and it is not easy. My number one tip for servers is to look into taking classes online. <—– Great book on taking online classes. Survive Online College <——– Another one Going to college […]

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How to break into TOP restaurants – SERVER

Its not hard to get into top restaurants… Below are the keys to getting in. You can also click link—-> Table Psychology in high end serving MUST have a polished look. MUST HAVE CONFIDENCE Do/Can you fit into the culture/ highly likeable ? MUST be a quick learner or have studied restaurant before being hired. […]

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Why work at McDonalds ?

Why work at McDonalds when you can make even more as a server ? If you work at a fast food establishment and can ring in a order on the register why wouldnt you want to work at an establishment where you could make $15+ and bring home cash? Instead of working 5 days a […]

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