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Why work at McDonalds ?

Why work at McDonalds when you can make even more as a server ? If you work at a fast food establishment and can ring in a order on the register why wouldnt you want to work at an establishment where you could make $15+ and bring home cash? Instead of working 5 days a […]

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Money tips for Valet guys /girls

My favorite VALET locations are Galleria – Ft. Lauderdale Boatyard- Ft. Lauderdale Attentive and fast valet really closes the night on a good note… MANY high end vehicles are equipped with VALET watch where the owner of the car can see how you drove while they were gone… I know its fun to drive like […]

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Tips for Delivery Guys/Girls

This is my advice for delivery drivers to save time and make more in tips. 1. ALWAYS have change in $1’s. 2. ALWAYS have a pen + extras in vehicle. Remember to get your pen back after they sign. 3. ALWAYS keep your phone charged 4. Even if you are low on cash fill your […]

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