How to apply for a serving job – Seasoned servers

I would start at a small restaurant to build confidence then work your way up... OR start as a hostess to get an overall feel them move into a server position. Below are instructions on how to get a on the spot job... In South Florida people come and go in restaurant positions but if its a GOOD restaurant they usually stay because the money is good.

1. Make sure you have your dates of when you worked at previous restaurants as well as managers phone numbers for verification. If you can keep this on a card that helps.

2. Walk in and make sure your appearance is "interview ready".

3. Ask the hostess for a application... DO NOT ASK if they are hiring. You don't want to give the hostess an opportunity to tell you NO... You want to stay in the drivers seat.

4. Fill out the application to the best of your knowledge. If you know anybody that works there (AND is in good standing) be sure to mention them. Go to the hostess and ask if the manager is there.

5. Wait for it... When the manager comes out give a warm smile and say "Hi my name is ______". I wanted to give you my application in person...

6. The manager will look it over and if all goes well and you get a interview.

7. I believe the overall importance of the interview is to see if you can think on your feet and for the manager to get a vibe from you. I remember a few of the questions they asked me. A few of these question have nothing to do about serving.

-Why do you want to work here ?

-What is great about your community/county ?

-What are you trying to accomplish ?

You should practice answering these questions in the mirror so your answers flow freely with confidence.

8. After the interview you may get hired... OR there may be a few more hoops for you to jump through. After the interview shake the managers hand and thank them.



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