Make BETTER tips

  1. Make Better Tips
  2. Psychology Today - Higher Tips
  3. How to make good tips
  4. By Thrifty Fun
  5. By Wiki-How
  6. Show up EARLY for your relief READY to get extra tables
  7. Have a $$  goal in mind
  8. Leave your problems at the front door
  9. Show up with a bank
  10. Have extra pens
  11. Make friends with key people, hostess, bartender, bussers
  12. TIP extra to hostess, bartender, bussers - THEY ARE THE KEY TO MAKE bank !! I used to do this at Olive Garden and make BANK !
  13. Become friends with the TOP servers not the whiny ones
  14. Write your name / circle your name on the check so guests can request you next time.
  15. Mention to your table how busy the restaurant is and how you had to work a double shift
  16. Don't like where you work ? Have phone numbers for everybody you work. If they move on to a better restaurant you may have a food in the door through them.
  17. KNOW how medication effects you and DONT take them during your shift if your meds turn you into a different person.
  18. If you are allowed to wear short sleeve shirts be sure to buy a couple of them so you can stay cool.
  19. Help others that help you and coordinate a team effort in your section to make the shift go smoother.
  20. Work on side work throughout your shift.
  21. Upsell !!! Would you care for another round of martini's ?
  22. We would like a water ---RESPONSE - We have Aquapanna or Pelligrino sparkling...

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