Tips for Delivery Guys/Girls

This is my advice for delivery drivers to save time and make more in tips.

1. ALWAYS have change in $1's.

2. ALWAYS have a pen + extras in vehicle. Remember to get your pen back after they sign.

3. ALWAYS keep your phone charged

4. Even if you are low on cash fill your vehicle up BEFORE your shift

5. Use an ipod for music so you don't waste time unpluging your phone when delivering food.

6. Drive around when you are not on your shift so you know where certain streets are without having to rely on GPS.

7. You can install a GPS app on your phone so someone will always know where you are in case you are serving in a sketchy area.

8. Keep your windows up while driving especially at night. A good friend of mine had his import tuner stolen at gun point off a freeway exit.

9. Make sure you have on clean clothes... Being a delivery guy/girl is NO excuse for not taking pride in your appearance.







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