Why work at McDonalds ?

Why work at McDonalds when you can make even more as a server ?

If you work at a fast food establishment and can ring in a order on the register why wouldnt you want to work at an establishment where you could make $15+ and bring home cash?

Instead of working 5 days a week you can work 2 and make the same amount of money.... which would leave you plenty of time for school work if you are going to college.

I worked at Dairy queen and a Starbucks in a Barnes and Noble store once I moved to South Florida... But it wasnt until I was working with a few older kids that worked at high end restaurant as their other job that I got the idea that I should work at a restaurant as well.

I am more of a monkey see monkey do type of person. If I see something work for one person then I believe it can work for me.

During my shift while working at Starbucks in Barnes and Noble I would ask my older friends what it was like working at the restaurant and what it would take to "get in".

How my friend got a server job at a high end restaurant

My co-worker Edgar was a server at Seasons 52 at Galeria, Ft. Lauderdale.

He would tell me how he made $300 a night serving a few nights a week and would work as a Barista for a couple of the other days... He told me I should start at Olive Garden if I was looking to get into serving.

As my bank account stayed overdrawn and my Starbucks job wasn't cutting it I went on to get an application at Olive Garden. Fear was no longer an option I needed money and I didnt want to ask my parents so I had to step my game up.

I filled out the application and was told the next training was coming on Monday. I was pumped...




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