How to deal with HIGH maintenance low PROFIT tables

In Boca Raton you get a LOT of high maintenance types... You know the ladies that want to make their own recipe... UGH. The upside is that if you are confident and can keep up you MIGHT... I repeat... You MIGHT just get a decent tip... Especially if it is her husbands credit card. IJS.

I have always had a habit of taking care of the big dollars first...

If I have a table of 6 corporate workers that are relatively low maintenance but I have a table of two older women that are ridiculously high maintenance, I would be sure to make the 6 corporate workers priority.

In my opinion I think it is a smart idea to take care of the six guys 1st since your tip will automatically be higher and running around all day for the two ladies that are ordering water and salad.

I'm not saying to not take care of the two ladies but instead of running all over the place to get their lemons and sugar so they can make lemonade. Ask one of the food runners to grab some lemons for the table and ask a busboy to place a sugar caddy on the table.

Now you just saved yourself three minutes of time and energy.

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