Table psychology in high end serving

  • When serving at a high end restaurant there is a lot of table psychology and anticipation of a guests needs...

This level of service is what differentiates Ritz Carlton from Chili's.

Auctions are for items not meals.

  • Eliminate "auctioning" off food by taking orders from left to right.
  • If a guest orders ribs then _______ should  on the table prior to ribs arriving. (napkins and or wet naps)

If you serve at a true 5 star establishment then you would wet linen cloths towards the end of the meal.

Sugar caddie, ketchup for fries and salt and pepper are all part of anticipation of a guests needs.

  • If a guests orders steak then _____ should be on the table. (A1 sauce)

At top of the line steak houses they sometimes dont even have A1 sauce as the meat is marinated to perfection.

  • If a guest orders a burger or a steak then you should ask how they would like it _______. (Cooked)
  • Staying check ready at all times is an anticipation of guests needs by staying check ready at ALL times you save the guest time of chasing you down for bill. If your POS terminal is new you should be able to print / update checks as often as you would like....
  • If there are chili's in a meal you should let the guest know since some people can have allergies...

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