Money tips for Valet guys /girls

My favorite VALET locations are

  • Galleria - Ft. Lauderdale
  • Boatyard- Ft. Lauderdale

Attentive and fast valet really closes the night on a good note...

MANY high end vehicles are equipped with VALET watch where the owner of the car can see how you drove while they were gone...

I know its fun to drive like NASCAR when no one is around but BE aware that you may be watched. CORVETTE SPY FEATURE

  1. ALWAYS get the door with the woman 1st.
  2.  Warm eye contact 1st. Smile.

YOU - Good evening. Last name please.

GUEST - Steinberg

YOU - Smile and say thank you Mr. Steinberg.

GUEST - Write "Mr. Steinberg" on ticket

When the Guest comes back

YOU - Pull up the car and say thank you, Mr. Steinberg. Close the door for him then have your friend close the door for his female companion at same time.







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