Waitress while going to college

Congratulations on your effort to waitress/serve and go to college at the same time.

It takes a lot of effort, discipline and it is not easy.

My number one tip for servers is to look into taking classes online. <----- Great book on taking online classes.

Survive Online College <-------- Another one

Going to college online while serving will cut down on your time, wear on your vehicle and will give you much more flexibility with your schedule. You can also test out of classes with CLEP if you're mega smart.

  • Remedial classes must be taken in person
  • Passing a test can bypass remedial classes

If you're like me and suck at math get ALEKS its the SAME CURRICULUM they use for online courses in college. I also used  Mathway for higher level calculations. SWEAR I couldn't pass without these resources...

You will be able to manage your classes by phone, tablet and PC. If you are working a double shift you can even finish some work in your downtime.

Tip number two. I highly recommend flashcards and study items to be downloaded to your phone.

My younger brother is studying to become an accountant at Georgia State. He came down here to Florida. I remember while waiting for our food at Tom Jenkins Ribs for over an hour he stood in line patiently studying on his iphone...  I was SO impressed and proud of him for using his time wisely.

Tip number three. If you are going to school while serving you should do your best to get into a high volume, mid to high dollar, upscale restaurant like Cheesecake Factory, Ruth Chris, Fago de Chao, Houstons, Grand Lux etc.... You will run yourself ragged working at a low dollar restaurant like Olive Garden, Applebees, Fridays, Chile's etc.


Tip number four. Get trained as a bartender and server...

Bartenders make MAJOR bank. If you are trained in both areas you will NEVER have a problem picking up shifts... But it will be a challenge keeping up with school and being in demand.

However $$ wont be an issue especially if you work in a big city. There are bartenders in Ft. Lauderdale that have worked at the same establishment for years since the pay can be substantial and in cash EVERY night.


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