10 Things ROCKSTAR Servers do

CONFIDENCE 1ST... Everything else comes second...

  1. Start with a $40 bank. Stay ready and you don't have to get ready.
  2. Greet within 30 seconds. Even if it means dropping a napkin and saying you will be with them in one moment.
  3. Smile... smile. smile. Genuine NOT phony.
  4. After the meal ask if they would care for a desert.
  5. Teamwork w/ co-workers that are on YOUR team.
  6. Pre clear your tables throughout the dining experience. Glasses, straw papers, silverware, butter plates. This will help you flip tables faster
  7. Ask if they would care for another glass of wine.
  8. Dont ask if they want another soda, just bring another one.
  9. Leave the bill at at 90 degree angle so after it is moved you know the money or card is waiting for you.
  10. Thank them by their last name on their credit card.

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