Tip # 4 – Your personal appearance

Your face is your money maker so take care of it no matter what age you are. Ladies If ANYWAYS ave been drinking or partying the night before please wear under eye concealer so you dont have bags under your eyes... 

Facials are a good idea to get some done from home on a regular basis. Local beauty schools offer discount facials by students. Guys can also benefit from facials for a brighter look.

If you are looking to get your nails done for cheap you can always go to the local beauty school in your area and get them done half price.

Serving on your shift with dirty nails is a no no... You may not think they will notice but they will. This goes for both male and females.

1. You should NEVER have chipped nail polish...

2. If you wear acrylic nails keep some nail glue in your purse in case you have a nail pop off during your shift you can glue it back on till you get to the salon.

If you are a guy you can get a good haircut at a barber school. A good haircut on guys ALWAYS looks good.

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