Yard House – Boca Raton Server Review


Below is my commentary on how it all went down at Yard House...

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Bellow is my list of why i think Justin performed so well.

1. Justin was a true a boss. He had a confident authoritative vibe that made you trust him.

2. Server was upbeat professional and fun... Somehow you could tell he enjoyed what he did.

3. He was so casual In upselling me with another martini that i said yes... His positive authoratative vibe closed the deal.

Patio of - Boca Raton Yard House

Patio of - Boca Raton Yard House


4. His Vampire Taco recommendation was on point and enhanced my dining experience.

5. He had plates, napkins and everything ready before food arrived.

6. Kept the Fiji water flowing so I never had to touch the bottle to refill my frosted glass.


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