Tip # 3 – Importance of a polished hair style

My personal video up above... You may need a computer to view...

If you are a female I highly suggest half wigs, wigs or clip in hair. You get what you put in and the extra effort you put into your appearance will reflect in your tips. This goes for females AND males.

Even if your hair is pulled back into the ponytail longer hair is sexy which does result in higher tips. You can YouTube half wigs on YouTube.

Wigs are inexpensive and you can take them out whenever you want.  In my videos I usually wear a half wig... The average price is $25.00...

If you dye your hair you can match the color seamlessly...

Motown Tress makes awesome synthetic wigs for African American women LG76 is a great model. Kim Zolciak from Housewives of Atlanta has some awesome looking wigs if you have blonde hair.


Any time I have a male waiter that is clean cut with awesome gelled up hair they always get a extra tip from me because I just love that clean cut look... And this is EVEN when Im out at a restaurant with my boyfriend... Pampered Milf's and charity ladies will appreciate the time you have taken to look good and you will most likely be rewarded with a great tip !!

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