Controlling your emotions

Prior to stepping into work you need to ask yourself where your emotions are at.

Workers that wear character costumes at Disneyland do this as well... You need to be ready to "get into character" before your shift starts.

*Light bill is due and you are $100 short... Would you be in a bad mood or get pumped to shark as many tables as possible?

*You have a test coming up at school... You are not as prepared as you would like to be. Are you going to serve all of your tables with a worried attitude or are you going to do your best to act genuine ? In a situation like this if the restaurant is slow it would be a good idea to see if you could go home.

In the serving world you have an advantage over 9-5ers. You will get CASH  at the end of the night. So what ever financial problems are going on know that you can come up before the night is over if you stay positive, aggressive, prepared and ahead the game.

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