Eliminate getting stiffed…

There is a saying in the serving world... If a guest leaves without paying chances are you werent paying enough attention to the table.

BUT sometimes guests have left crappy tips... BELOW are some reasons why this may have had happen.

  • Maybe they are from a country that doesn't tip and you didn't have your multi-lingual card in the bill fold
  • Maybe they don't have the $$$ or are low on funds but still feel the need to have a good time
  • Perhaps your attitude was OFF that day and they felt the need to tip accordingly

There could be a million reasons why... But my theory is that you should just put it behind you as fast as you can and use energy to figure out how you can make up for that loss... DONT waste time telling all your friends what happened with this table blah blah blah... FOCUS on moving on and recouping... You need to look at serving as a game.

That NEXT table is a chance to make up for the last one...

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