Ring error strike tips


1. Write down the order correct . DON'T try and just memorize the order.

2. Repeat the order if you were not sure you heard the guest correct. DO NOT be afraid to ask. Its better to ask them than for the guest to be disappointed while everyone else is eating.

3. In your free time study the computer terminal...

4. The one way I learned ro correct ring error strikes was to pay for my own mistakes. I would separate the check then cash it out and 're ring the correct one. When mistakes hurt your own pocket you are less likely to make the mistake again.

I had a supervisor that was an icy witch. If I had one last ring error I would lose my job. (It was a well paying serving job) SO I separated the check paid for a $12 glass of wine (my owm cash) and it never happened again.

At my old restaurant ring error strikes were OK if they were once in a while...

Once ring error strikes became a constant problem    then you on a countdown to your last days since they cost the restaurant time and money.

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