Tip # 7 – Investments for male servers

I believe that if you want to make money you must look and smell like it 🙂 Below are my tips to up your game in your personal appearance. ALL of these tips will also help you outside of work with the ladies...

*If you are a male server I think it is super hot when a guy has on nice glasses.

*Porsche and Dolce Gabanana make clean sexy glasses frames models. Expensive yes but TRUST me women love the alpha male look and men will think "hey, he's a smart guy".

*Wearing a respectable watch also speaks volumes. If you can't afford a high end watch you can always opt for a good black or white g shock for about $100.. basic sporty and gets the job done. Or even a smart watch.

*A guy that smells good will usually = a higher tip... GREAT fragrance choices below.

- Lacoste for men - ANY of them

- VERSACE por Homme

- Le Male - Jean Paul Gaultiear


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