Working two serving jobs.

I've had a few buddies work two jobs...

Starbucks by day Olive Garden by night...

Is it worth it ? Well it all depends on your circumstance... if it was me I would just work 1 high end serving job and have a side gig.

A lot of restaurants allow you to give up and pick up shifts by computer. Thus allowing to tailor or create your schedule. Instead of working two serving jobs I would work 1 serving job and get a well paying side gig. I've had co workers that were

*Part -time models

*Band members that would play in clubs (Getting $60 - $300 a night)

*Referees for for baseball games. (Getting $100 a game)



*I used to sell stuff on eBay

*Right now I own vending machines that bring in an extra $100 a week

*I have a friend that would dj $100 per 2 hours.... but most of the parties he would do would only last 1.5...

iif you are hungry enough you can turn a hobby into some extra cash no need to be tied to a second job which can create conflicts with schedule.

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